Welcome to SentryPoint

How do you know what value you are getting from your manned guarding or security patrols or, for example, your cleaning and facilities contractors?

How do you know that they are fulfilling their specific assignment instructions or achieving the KPIs you have agreed with their management?

What management information does your contractor company provide for you, and who controls it?

These are questions that are often difficult to answer in the traditional relationships between customers and their manned guarding or contracted cleaning providers, and invariably the onus on gathering such information will depend on you as the customer to dedicate time and resources to monitor the service providers performance, or rely on the respective company to tell you how they are performing.

SentryPoint overcomes these issues, and is a unique management system based on proven RFID technology that provides credible and auditable performance monitoring and management information.

It is a versatile system that, unlike conventional approaches to security patrol clocks or guard tour monitors, does not require hand held readers and operates independently of guard controlled devices.

SentryPoint can track the route of a patrolling guard via strategically placed proximity readers, sending information directly to a central database and, if required, can also be set to give an alert if there are exceptions to predeterminded patrol activity.

Tour System
Wireless Operation
Fully Automated
Hand Held Equipment
Exception Reports
Equipment Redundancy
Customizable Reports
Panic Button With man Down Capabilities
Maintenance Free
No Hardware Warranty Issues
Cost Effective
Monitoring Of Performance Compliance, Security & Safety
Real Time data
5 Year Battery Life
  • Proven and reliable RFID technology
  • No hand held readers or 'docking' devices required
  • Multi location versatility
  • Customer friendly reporting
  • Flexible reader range to suit the environment